Accssibility Statement

ReGush aims to provide an appropriate and convenient on-site experience for the general public, including people with disabilities, in order to enable, facilitate and optimize the use of the site with an emphasis on the needs of this public. The site was made accessible to level AA according to the Israeli standard 5568 based on the WCAG2.1 World Standard

How does the site show up on the site?
Zoom in and out of the entire text on the site.
Change color contrast (dark background color).
Link Highlight (Enabled when changing color contrast).
Change text color and background color for visually impaired and color blind (turns on when changing color contrast).
Accessibility of menus, forms, header hierarchy, tab element, pop-up windows and more.
Updating fonts to random fonts.
Accessibility Statement with an explanation of compatibility, gaps, and accessibility accountability.
Note: Changes will be made using the accessibility tool (blue button) floating at the bottom of the site.

Application paths, accessibility failures and suggestions for improvement
Company Accessibility Coordinator Details:
Guy Trabelsi, 050-3031339 [email protected]

The Accessibility Statement was updated on 26/07/23

If you have a problem with accessibility during browsing, which interferes and makes it difficult to browse properly on the site – we will be happy to receive your request on the subject, with you, I apologize in advance.